Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The End of All Things Fun

School starts tomorrow.  It marks the end of all things fun.

Instead of novels, I'll be reading textbooks.

Instead of vacationing, I'll be writing papers and completing assignments.

Instead of sleeping, I'll be driving Hyrum to Grannie's so that I can go to class.

Instead of spending time with Husband, I'll be in clinical.

But, before the end of all things fun, we were able to go visit the Browns and Goodwins in Utah.  We left in the afternoon after Tony got off of work.  It worked perfectly, because by the time we got to Flagstaff, Hyrum was asleep for the night and the roads were empty and life was good.

 We played with cousin Jacie.

We got lots of tickles from Grandpa.

We spent an afternoon at the Children's Discovery Gardens at Thanksgiving Point.  It was a lot of fun.  There were splash pads, a little play pool, a maze, fish to feed, things to climb on, caves to explore, boats to send down the stream, and grass to run in.  Hyrum loved it.

Oh man...those are fish.

I love this picture of my boys.

While in Utah we went shopping (also known as getting spoiled by Grandma), played at the park, played tennis, ate yummy food (including Tucanos), and enjoyed being together.

Hryum got new clothes from Grandma Brown.

 He got a new train set and other fun toys.

One of our favorite things about the trip was that we got to visit Kyle, Michelle, and their family.  Tony knew Kyle and Michelle from the BYU days.  Kyle was a groomsman at our wedding.  Michelle couldn't make it.  So, in the last two and a half years, Michelle and I have followed each others' blogs and dreamed of the day when we would meet.  Every time we've been to Utah we've tried to see them, but things never have worked out.  This time Kyle was in town, but Michelle was at BYU Education Week.  Darn.  But I guess Michelle wanted to make my day, because she came home just to visit with us for 15 minutes.  (Lame, I know, but we had dinner reservations...)  It was wonderful just to visit.  We've always claimed we were friends, but now we really are.   Next time we'll need to go out to dinner or something grand.  (A picture soon to come, I hope!  Thanks, Michelle, for capturing the moment.)

We decided that Hyrum sleeping in the car was a heavenly thing, so instead of leaving early on Saturday morning, we hiked up Provo Canyon to Bridalveil Falls.

It was a fun little hike, all paved (perfect for babies in strollers), and you can play in the freezing cold water once you make it to the falls.

The water was so cold it made your feet hurt, but Hyrum and Jacie just kept wanting to put their feet back in.  Hyrum was so fascinated he couldn't even pay attention to the camera.

After our hike, Husband got spoiled.  We stopped by the BYU Creamery and bought chocolate milk.  He was even lucky enough to get approval to buy a whole case of Barq's Red Cream Soda.  We also got burgers and fries so we would be ready for the road.

It was a short trip, but a good trip.  Too bad it's the last trip.

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  1. Such a fun trip! Visiting with family makes vacation so much better :) so sad that school is starting... jed is taking 19 credit hours! Eek! P.s. LOVE hyrums angry birds t-shirt!


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