Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Latest and Greatest

1.  School is going amazingly well.  I love pediatrics, especially the NICU.

2.  Husband spoke with the Facility Manager in Nauvoo (the guy in charge of all the historical sights, missionary apartments, etc.) about interviewing for the Assistant FM position.  To say Husband is excited would be an understatement.

3.  Hyrum loves the park.  He cries every time we drive by or walk by and don't stop to play.

4.  Whenever we go to the park I get mauled by mosquitoes and I am miserable for at least a week.  Good thing Hyrum doesn't taste as good as me.  Either that or mosquitoes have rules about the age of their prey.

5.  My boys are pretty cool.

6.  Husband could quite possible start working the 7pm -1am shift.  In all truthfulness, we're excited.  It pays  better and we wouldn't need Grannie to help out so much. is staying up until 1am any different that getting to work by 4am?

7.  Shutterfly sent me another promo code for a free photo book.  I love those things.

8.  Husband is turning older on Thursday.  We plan on eating apple pie and Blue Bell ice cream.

9.  Hyrum is probably going to lose his toenail.  Again.

10.  As if scorpions aren't enough, we have termites now.  The bug man is coming tomorrow to resolve the issue.  The Morgans are grateful we're here to save the day.

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