Thursday, February 3, 2011

This Sure Ain't the Love Bug

It's February and there's a bug going around but it sure ain't the love bug.  Here's how our morning went...

5:30am - The alarm goes off.  Tony is supposed to work at 7:00 so we're up and at 'em early.
5:33am - Tony: I feel weird.
5:40am - Tony:  Will you make me some cream of wheat?
Jeri Lin:  I thought you wanted breakfast burritos this morning.
Tony:  I'm not feeling so great, let's just do cream of wheat.
5:50am - I'm making cream of wheat and Tony is looking totally miserable.
5:53am - My mom calls.
Mom:  Munchkins #4 and #5 are sick and throwing up.  Can I have the school call you if Munchkin #6 decides she's sick too?
6:00am - I'm eating my cream of wheat happily and watching Tony warily.  He's eating very slowly but says it tastes good.  That's a good sign.
6:20am - He is still eating slowly.  I ask what time he has to leave for work.  6:30.
6:28am - Jeri Lin:  It's almost 6:30.
(Tony groans.)
6:30am - He comes out of the bathroom and sits on the floor.
6:31am - Tony:  I just decided I'm not going to work today.
6:35am - He calls in sick.
6:37am - He's back in bed.
6:38am - Text message from Mom:  Nevermind.  Munchkin #6 just threw up.
7:00am - Jeri Lin:  My tummy's doing somersaults.
Tony: Oh great!
Jeri Lin: Oh wait. That was baby. [GRIN]
9:37am - Text message from Munchkin #3:  Are you working today? I don't feel good.

My goodness! This sure ain't the love bug.  Tony's been miserable.  This is his explanation of how he feels...

I'm feeling okay and then I don't know...maybe I don't feel okay but I feel mostly okay and, I don't feel okay...I feel miserable.  [Trip to bathroom.]  I feel okay.  Poor guy.  I feel bad for the Munchkins at home, too.  Tony says the worst part is that he can't ask for kisses.  No.  Sorry, but I don't want that "love" bug.

So we've been in bed all day.  Him, so he'll hopefully start feeling better.  Me, mostly to take care of him and so I can ask him questions as I apply for jobs for him (we're still looking around to see if there are better opportunities out there).  I think I might read him some Percy Jackson and The Titan's Curse.  Maybe later we'll watch a movie.  It's a hip-hoppin day at the Browns'.

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