Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today was a Fairy Tale

Sometimes we get going so quickly with this and that and all the things we have to do that we forget to see how each day is a fairy tale.  A fairy tale is nothing more than being with your best friend, doing things you enjoy.  The best part about our fairy tale is that the "happily ever after" is eternal.  Here are a few of the adventures we've enjoyed lately...

For Valentine's Day we went to The Cheesecake Factory.  We had the most scrumptious appetizer, their Buffalo Blasts.  If you like spicy, cheesy, fried goodness...YUMMY!  After the appetizer we skipped right to the cheesecake (the true reason we came).  Tony tried out the Key Lime cheesecake and I had the Snickers cheesecake.  We enjoyed them quite a lot, but enjoyed being together most of all.

Tony's been enjoying his work at The Home Depot.  I still haven't seen him in his snazzy orange apron (he keeps it in his locker at work), but one of these days I'll have to sneak in there and get a good picture of his handsomeness to share with y'all.  Tony's also been going to the Methods of Teaching Seminary class and will soon have the opportunity to go into a classroom to teach.  Our goal is for Tony to be offered a student teaching position next school year.  After that he would have a chance at being hired full time.  Being a seminary and institute teacher is our dream job!  As for me, I spend my extra time at home cleaning and organizing.  I've already made a lot of progress and our little nest is going to be all ready when this tiny prince or princess decides to arrive.

With Tony's extra income and me working more hours, we've become addicted to paying off debt.  It feels so good to know that your net worth is increasing with every car payment and we're that much closer to being debt FREE!  We'd really like to get the car and student loans paid off so that we can save up for a down payment on a house.  We still have no idea where that house will be, but one of these days we'll figure it out.

All my organizing has opened up a lot of space for food storage.  We've become addicted to that, too.  Our two week water supply is well on it's way and we have the goal of a 1 month food supply for three by the end of the year.  In addition to shopping the sales and buying things to fill our empty shelves, we've been helping with the garden and Mom and Dad's.  I'm excited to eventually have some fresh produce that I don't have to pay for because I grew it myself. Mom and I are also going to can salsa with home-grown tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, etc. etc.

Tony and I enjoy cooking together.  We've recently tried out a few new recipes and have a few more on our upcoming meal plan.  Mexican pizza, Crockpot Sweet & Sour Chicken, Crunchy Ranch Chicken (Tony's new favorite)...the list goes on and on.

We went to some of stake youth conference last weekend.  We enjoyed playing games and eating ice cream with the youth on Friday night.  We were lucky enough to be the "coaches" for one of the groups.  We also went to the dinner and dance on Saturday night.  We ate hamburgers, danced a little, hung out with some of the other young couples who are involved with the youth, and enjoyed watching the kids as they interacted with the developmentally challenged individuals from the Arc, who came to enjoy the night with us.

Life is good.  It started out as once upon a time and every day we have a happily ever after.  We're grateful for the little things each day that make life so great.

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  1. If you have time, you should post the recipes that you are trying out!


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