Thursday, February 10, 2011

Food Loves

My whole pregnancy people have been asking what I crave.  It gets pretty annoying saying, "Nothing."  So I've decided to start craving things now that I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant!

Craving number 1:  French Fries with ketchup...lots of ketchup.  The other night when Tony was sick I made myself half a bag of crinkle cut french fries and ate them with ketchup...lots of ketchup.

Craving number 2:  Ice cream.  Not just the regular vanilla ice cream.  Not even just vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate.  I mean REAL ice cream.  Thanks to my wonderful visiting teacher who brought be a Coldstone gift card so that I could eat sweet cream ice cream with brownie and caramel.  DELICIOUS.

Craving number 3:  Sonic Route 44 Cherry Limeades.  Alas! I have not had one since I decided to start craving them, but one of these days I will get one and it will be yummy.

So, now people ask me what I crave and I can tell them but now they ask how come I don't look like I've gained any weight (besides the belly, of course).  Well let me explain...Tony and I live on what we call a budget.  Each month there is a certain amount of money set aside for food.  Unfortunately Fortunately, that food budget does not allow for frequent trips to Walmart for crinkle cut french fries and ketchup...lots of ketchup, Coldstone or Dairy Queen, or Sonic.  So while I crave, I do not give in and I will enjoy my healthy 25-35 pound weight gain.


  1. Good for you for controlling yourself! I was bad and gave into every single craving I had... The husband sure loved that one!

  2. Way to go girl - I never really craved stuff either... And you won't regret not packing on any extra weight - Hope all is well with you :-) and congrats on Tony's new job.

  3. Good for you! Hope you are feeling well!


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