Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas Ellie

When we showed Lindi these photos this morning, she sucked in her breath real quick.  It was like my two year old said, "Oh my goodness, Mom!  Look at that beautiful sister!"  And it's true!  She is a beauty!

I love this little munchkin with all of my heart!  I love her beautiful blue eyes.  I love her smile that she is always so quick to give.  I love that she laughs when the bigs and I have a toddler radio dance party.  I love when I set her down and find her somewhere new every time I come back in the room.  I loved my chunky Hyrum and Lindi, but I love my little string bean Ellie Texas.

Lindsey, thank you for sharing your time and talents to take these shots.  I can't stop looking at them!

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