Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had a very happy Halloween and we hope you did too! 

Hyrum loved carving his pumpkin, which means he loved watching Mom almost single handedly gut and carve the pumpkin! That's ok. Mom's do things like that because it brings joy to their children. 

I convinced him to let me make him a spider costume this year. It was completely free and only took me about an hour. He loved it! He wanted to wear it all the time and he informed me that he even wants to be a spider next year too! Win!

I saw some cute spider web costumes on Pinterest and created Lindi's (also free) based on those. It was kinda fun to have them be a costume pair. 

And Ellie was a chicken because I ran out of energy and ideas for her spider themed costume. Besides, it was free to borrow from a friend and I'm all about free. She was a very cute chicken and it kept her warm on a chilly night. 

We enjoyed the ward trunk or treat and then spent some time across the street at the Baptist Church's Fall Festival. The kids got entirely too much candy. Two gallon bags worth. It's been keeping me happy. 

Here's to eating less sugar!

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