Thursday, December 3, 2015

Strep Throat and Allergic Reactions

We started and ended our Thanksgiving holiday with a bang! Hyrum was feeling pretty crummy the Sunday the Goodwins flew in from Utah. Sure enough, he had strep throat! So we had to have 24 hours of antibiotics before we could run and play with Cousin Jacie! Luckily the amoxicillin did its job and he was feeling just fine by the time we wanted to go to Six Flags. 

The bummer part was that the Monday following Thanksgiving (cousins still here) he decided to break out with a rash. We went to the doctor again and sure enough, 8 days into the 10 days of amoxicillin, he decided to have an allergic reaction! Poor kid was covered from head to toe in red speckles! 

So, we get to start new antibiotics in a few days after the rash decides it's done hanging around. 

So, here's to wishing your family (and mine) health and happiness the remainder of your holiday season!

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