Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Little Swimmer Boy

Remember my Hyrum who, last year would do nothing but cling to me and cry during the "Mommy and Me" swim lessons? The one who, just a few months ago, was afraid to swim (while wearing a life jacket and with his dad) where he couldn't touch? 

He has come a long way! Just look at him now! 

We spent a week at the resort in Scottsdale with my family and finally something clicked for him and he couldn't get enough of the water. Cannonballs, swimming with his face in the water, diving for toys, and tears in his eyes when it was time to go, even if there were promises of another swim in a few short hours. Tony and I loved watching him progress each day. We were amazed! "Is this our Hyrum??" I was also so relieved! Having my kids able to swim and be safe around water is so important to me! 

And don't forget my adorable girls in their cute little suits!

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