Thursday, May 23, 2013

Registered Nurse

Big important things have been happening at the Brown household. Graduation from ASU was quickly followed by the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses).  You know?  The test you spend a fortune to take and hope you pass?

On the day I got my authorization to test, I went for my weekly baby check. The nurse practitioner told me, "This baby isn't going anywhere."  So I scheduled to take the exam on the next available date. May 22nd was going to be a big day. 

Then, on the 20th, I went in for my next weekly appointment. Imagine my surprise when I learned that I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. I was only 36 weeks and a few days!  I was scheduled to take the NCLEX in two days!  The NP told me to take it easy for a couple days, said she thought I would be fine, and wished me luck. 

So, I took it easy, prayed like crazy, and took a deep breath as the 24 hour cancellation period ticked by. We joked about how I would go into labor in the middle of the exam. I would answer a few questions and then pause for a contraction. Funny as it was, I dreaded that happening...well until I was done taking the test and it didn't happen and I felt like I had been cheated out of the best NCLEX story ever

75 questions. 

26 hours later: Good news. I passed. 

I am officially a registered nurse. 

I called my mother-in-law to let her know. She answered the phone, "Are you in labor?!"  "No, but I'm a registered nurse."  Disappointed. "Oh."  Then she realized what I had just said. "OH!!!"

So, now that I'm a nurse, it's time for this baby to come. We're ready. And I still stand by my belief that nursing school is the hardest thing I've ever done. Harder than having a baby. I will have more babies, but I will never go to nursing school again. 


  1. Congratulations! That is great news and a huge accomplishment!


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