Friday, May 3, 2013

Hyrum's Favorite Books

Hyrum and I love the library.  We go for Story Time.  We go just to get books.  We go to play.  We go for special activities.  It's a good place for a mom and her boy to go when they want to get out of the house.  Yesterday we went and Hyrum was beyond excited about the bugs, beetles, and crickets they had preserved in little plastic cubes.  He could have looked at them all day.

Over the last month or so, I've been collecting a list of some of Hyrum's favorite books.  We always check out three to four books to bring home.  Most often, I just find these books by skimming the book shelf, but that can be a pain and I don't always pick out ones he likes.  So, I thought that some of you might appreciate a toddler book list.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie  by: Laura Joffe Numeroff  Illustrated by: Felicia Bond
Rules of the Wild: An Unruly Book of Manners  by: Bridget Levin  Illustrated by: Amanda Shepherd
Hugless Douglas  Written and Illustrated by: David Melling
Art  Written and Illustrated by: Patrick McDonnell
And the Train Goes  Written and Illustrated by: William Bee
The Wriggly, Wriggly Baby by: Jessica Clark  Illustrated by: Laura Rankin
The Firefighters  by: Sue Whiting  Illustrated by: Donna Rawlins
Once Upon a Potty Written and Illustrated by: Alona Frankel
We go together! by: Todd Dunn  Illustrated by: Miki Sakamoto
Driving my Tractor  by: Jan Dobbins  Illustrated by: David Sim
What to do if an Elephant Stands on Your Foot by: Michelle Robinson  Illustrated by: Peter H. Reynolds
Split! Splat! by: Amy Gibson  Illustrated by:  Steve Bjorkman
10 Little Rubber Ducks  Written and Illustrated by: Eric Carle

And don't forget that local libraries have summer reading programs for all ages!  What's better than reading? Reading and getting prizes!

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