Monday, June 11, 2012

Muscle Confusion

Does anyone else feel like their exercise goals are sabotaged by the weather?  Six days of exercise a week when the definition of exercise is "at least a mile walk" shouldn't be out of reach.  Until it's already 90 degrees at 8am.  Especially when it doesn't have to be "hot" temperature-wise, but if the sun sees you your toast...literally.

So then I decide, "I'll just do a little P90X."  The thing is I should just put the DVD in and shouldn't read the descriptions.  "muscle confusion" ""ab-ripping" "full-throttle battle for upper body supremacy" "Each muscle group will take turns recuperating while you blast another until you've got nothing left but quivering muscles."


I'm feeling a little defeated.  I need a do-able Arizona summer exercise routine.  I need an exercise buddy too...


  1. Move to Texas and we can be exercise buddies...:)

  2. if only you lived closer... i need a buddy too!


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