Thursday, June 28, 2012


Being a nursing student isn't really conducive to being a housewife.  Husband usually has to pick up a lot of the slack because I'm gone so often and when I am home, I'm studying, or sleeping, or not really in the mood for housewife-ish things.  I think I've made up for it this week, though.

And let me tall ya...It feels good!

Husband and I had a large sum of money that we wanted to use to start our three month food storage, so I sat down and made a list of meals that we eat on a regular basis.  I then made a three month meal plan.  The next step was a little overwhelming, but I went through every recipe and made a HUGE shopping list of everything we would need to make those meals for three months.  If I thought making the list was overwhelming, shopping for it was ridiculous.

We made two stops, Sam's Club and Walmart.  We bought almost a complete three month food storage within budget.  Now, the goal is that this is a rotating food storage.  We use these things to eat and when we eat it, we replace it.  We've finally put the large, stand-alone freezer the Morgans left to good use.

I could have stopped there, but Wednesday came and I was still in that "accomplish something amazing" kind of mood.  So, I brought out Sister Morgan's wheat grinder and Bosch mixer (I'm in love!) and made a batch of homemade wheat bread.  It was delicious!  I cut thick slices while it was still warm and spread them with butter and raspberry jam.  Mmmmm... I should make bread more often!  [Yes, my next batch is rising as we speak.]  The loaves we don't need right now go into the storage.

I also made two batches of wheat tortillas.  One to eat and one for the freezer.  At the end of each day this week I've been exhausted, but I love knowing that I did something good that day!

This post isn't supposed to be a "look at me, I'm a better housewife than you!" post.  Believe me.  We all have our times and seasons--and some will never be the homemade bread and tortillas kind of gal.  That's ok.  Come August I can tell you I won't be making much bread.  Come a few years from now when I have three little bedlamites, I won't be so on top of things.  The point is, whatever you can do--do it!  Set some goals and accomplish something good, even if that means getting all of the kids to church on time. 

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  1. i cant even describe how jealous i am that you have your very own wheat grinder! (even if its temporary!) thats the biggest obstacle i face when i want to make bread.. i have to go borrow my mom's wheat grinder. SIGH. how awesome!


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