Saturday, June 2, 2012

Master of the Grill

Text conversation:

Wifey:  How do I grill hamburgerguesas for you?
Husband:  With love.
Husband:  Light the grill, turn all burners to low, then cook.
Wifey:  Cook with love...Hmmm...I LOVE YOU

So, like a good Wifey, I set the table, sliced the tomatoes, and the other such "pre-hamburgerguesa" preparation I usually do while Husband grills the meat.  But then, I grilled! 

I lit the grill.  I turned all burners to low.  I cooked with love.

I flipped them and they were looking mighty fine.  So, I closed the grill and went to water the garden. 

When I came back I didn't have any hamburgerguesas.  I had charcoal.

Husband kindly told me before he left for Home Depot, "You're terrible at grilling, but I love you anyways!"

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  1. Haha that's great... that happens to me a lot.


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