Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We have been married for 117 days! Just wanted to let everyone know that we still love each other.

Here are 13 reasons why Jeri Lin loves Tony:
1. He makes my bed for me.
2. He is so very handsome.
3. He stays up with me when I'm working late on homework even though I don't stay up late with him when he's planning his seminary lessons.
4. He takes me to Cheesecake Factory even when it costs more than On the Border.
5. He goes hiking with me.
6. He makes me go to school even when I don't want to.
7. He is silly. He makes silly faces.
8. He lets me sing Primary songs to him.
9. He forgives me when I forget to put the corn tortillas in the green chili enchiladas and it makes soup instead of enchiladas.
10. He lets me go back to bed every morning before institute.
11. He teaches me new things, like how to play softball.
12. He goes to the TEMPLE with me often and he lets me obsess over FAMILY HISTORY.
13. He loves me!

Want a little proof?  (Here is a little input from Tony)
  1. I Love Jeri Lin because she runs and plays with me.
  2. I love Jeri Lin because she is gorgeous!
  3.  I love Jeri Lin because she helps me be better at teaching Seminary.
  4. I LOVE Jeri Lin because she lets me share her bed with her. 
  5.  I love jeri lin because she is brilliant!
  6. I love Jeri Lin because she is a great kisser.
  7. I love Jeri Lin because she makes us delicious food!
  8. I love Jeri Lin because she takes me to play baseball.
  9. I love Jeri Lin because she teaches nursery
  10. I love Jeri Lin because she let me take her to the temple.
  11. I love Jeri Lin because we have visited 8 temples together (so far).
  12. I love Jeri Lin because she is the best.
  13.  I love Jeri Lin.


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