Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break: Part I

Since we haven't posted in a while and there is SO MUCH we need to catch up on, expect tons of posts in the next week or so. To start with, though...
Tony and I took off around noon on March 11th and headed to Lehi, Utah, where Kemp and Whitney live. On our first day there, my mother-in-law and Whitney took me on my birthday shopping trip. It was a lot of fun! They helped me find a lot of really cute outfits!
After shopping we went picked up our snowboarding gear, ate lunch, and headed up to Sundance for night skiing. We had a ton of fun snowboarding. I had never been before. Everyone else knew what they were doing so they said, "Let's go!" and we skipped the bunny hill. The first run down was tough but I eventually got the hang of it.
My mean husband made me go to the very tippy-top of the mountain for our last run down. That would have been fine, had there not been a precipitous edge all along the trail! It was scary.
Kemp was my #1 coach. I can't believe he was as patient with me as he was. I would still be stranded on that hill if it weren't for him. Thanks Kemp!
Whitney was the cutest snowboarder I ever did see.
This is where I spent a lot of quality time...on my bottom. I had bruises to prove it.
Mom and Dad Brown were our two skiers. They made it down the mountain in some ridiculously short amount of time.
We had so much fun in the snow! We can't wait to go again!

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