Saturday, May 1, 2010

Flat Iron

A couple of weeks ago we had a cool weekend ahead of us and we both felt like we needed a good workout we decided to go hike Flat Iron, up in the Superstition Mountains. We packed up our packs, complete with food, water, sleeping bags, a tent, and a rope (just in case).

Three hours up and three hours down. 2,800 feet up in 2.8 miles.


My favorite things about this picture? My fly-away hair and the "Don't pick the wildflowers. $500 fine." sign in the background.

Draw a line straight up from Tony's funny face and circle the very tippy top of that tippity top mountain. That's where we hiked to.

This blue exclamation point marked where we took off our packs, climbed straight up sheer rock and then reeled our packs up behind us using the handy dandy rope I thought to bring.

We made it to the top just in time to catch the sunset.

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