Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break: Part II (Murder Mystery)

While in Utah, Whitney and Kemp took us to a Murder Mystery Dinner Show at a little Italian place in Ogden. I had always wanted to go to one, so it was fun to finally go. The actors did a magnificent job. As we ate, they came to each individual table and interacted with us and then also had little performances spread out throughout the night. Kemp was chosen to be an undercover cop. He had to go up to the front when the victim died and marked the ground with tape.

At the end of the night we were given a chance to get up and ask each of the characters questions so that we could figure out "who-done-it." Those who guessed correctly were entered into a drawing. We all got it right and Kemp and Dr. Brown's names were drawn.

Another successful outing with the Brown Family.

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