Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break: Part III (Temples)

Tony and I love to see the temple!

We have a goal to visit every temple in the world. It's an ambitious goal, we know, but "with God nothing shall be impossible" Luke 1:37. Prior to this trip, we had already performed ordinances in four different temples together (Nauvoo, Mesa, Dallas, and San Antonio). By the end of Spring Break, we had doubled this number. We visited the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, Salt Lake Temple, St. George Temple, and Las Vegas Temple.

The Oquirrh Mountain temple has the most impressive chandeliers I have ever seen. We went to this temple with Tony's parents on the same day we did the Murder Mystery. We did an endowment session and we also sealed seven siblings to their parents that day. I am so grateful for the family history my mother-in-law does. There's something special about going to the temple to do work for your own family.

Tony and I went to the Salt Lake Temple on the Monday we were in Utah. Tony's parents had already flown home and Kemp and Whitney were back at work so it was a great way to spend our day together. It was my first experience in a live session. It was so neat to think about how much work the early Saints put into this magnificent temple.

We made a special trip to the St. George Temple on our drive home. This temple was similar to Salt Lake in that it was one of the first built. The Saints sacrificed so much for its building. We must learn the importance of the temple from their faith.

Our second stop on our trip home was in Las Vegas. Tony and I could not believe what a beautiful temple it was! The pictures do not do it justice! It is one of my very favorites. Not only is the exterior absolutely beautiful, the celestial room is stunning. Everything is spotlessly white. Another experience we had at this temple occurred out on temple grounds. We were walking around and all of a sudden a group of young adults started singing. It was as if angels had descended! It was perhaps the most beautiful music we had ever heard! It added a special spirit to our temple trip that day.

Eight down...a lot more to go...

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