Friday, April 29, 2016


Tony and I we're excited to be able to go see "Wicked" yesterday. It has been years since we've been to see a play. 

The performance was amazing! The actresses and actors are so talented in so many ways- singing, dancing, and acting! The costumes and set were also very well done!

I had really been anticipating this evening. I wanted to leave at 4pm so that we would have time to go to Cheesecake Factory beforehand and to just enjoy one another and not be rushed before the show. Unfortunately, it is the last week of temple shut down and I should have known better.

Tony was supposed to be done at 2pm and promised to do his best to get out on time. At 2:15 he told me he was waiting for Patrick to arrive so that he could leave. At 4pm (when we had intended to leave) he still wasn't home and wasn't responding to text messages. 4:30 and he didn't respond to phone calls. 5pm and I was worried he was dead on the side of the road. 

He called at 5:04. Patrick had just arrived and he had been stuck meeting with the interior designers from Salt Lake. I was not happy. I knew it wasn't his fault (although I found his "my phone was charging in the office" excuse pretty lame), but I was so frustrated that my "perfect night out" had been foiled!

We ended up scarfing down Braum's hamburgers before rushing off to the play. We got their in plenty of time, but he still owes me a fancy dinner. 😉

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