Friday, April 8, 2016

Texas Springtime

I have been loving every beautiful moment of spring this year. It's been so pleasant and we love spending every moment we can outside. 

I love my roses that are as big as softballs. It's the ugliest bush in the most awkward place in our backyard, and we don't really do much to care for it, but  they are beautiful! I'm having a hard time sharing them with the bees!

The Rowlett Creek Preserves have been visited many a time for a family hike. It's not the same as hiking a mountain in Arizona, but it'll do. 

Hooray! Hooray! For our swing set. It's so good to have something fun for the kids to do outside. 

The hammock is a new addition this year. I wish I could snag a few solitary moments to take a hang, but alas!

Park time is always fun, especially when we get to go with friends. 

I didn't have pictures to show our garden that seems to be thriving, our trip to the splash pad, or our bike rides. Life has been good to us this spring. 

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