Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hooked on Family History

Someone asked for a family history lesson today.  Of course, I complied!  She's practically a professional and found individuals to take to the temple! It was fun to do a happy dance or two with her.

She's hooked, just like me! Family history is fun and rewarding. We are becoming part of Elder Neil L. Andersen's #TempleChallenge! He said, "I want to challenge each of you to set a personal goal to help prepare as many names for the temple as baptisms you perform in the temple."

I also love this scripture from The Book of Mormon:

"And thus my father, Lehi, did discover the genealogy of his fathers. . . . And now when my father saw all these things, he was filled with the Spirit.” 1 Nephi 5:16-17

I know that we invite the Spirit into our lives as we try our best to complete our family history. So, join us!

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