Monday, January 4, 2016

Six Flags and Friends

Hyrum didn't hesitate to shout for joy when I asked him if he wanted to go to Six Flags with friends this morning. A handful of us took advantage of the season pass sale and today was the first day we were able to go together! Thanks, Kristen, for the fabulous idea!

It was fun having four adults (Sydney counts!) to take turns with the kids. It allowed the big kids to ride some of the bigger rides! Hyrum tried out two new roller coasters today and couldn't get enough of them! Lindi rode the Mini Mine Train four times! She also braved the swinging ship again (at her request) and scream-giggled the entire time! That moment by itself made my day!

Thanks to Husband, who let us go without him (while he was working). We had so much fun!

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