Friday, January 8, 2016

Just a Rotten Stinker

I decided to take Ellie in to see if she had an ear infection today. It would be nice to have an explanation for why she's been a terrible sleeper that last little while. But alas! My pediatrician's office was destroyed in the tornado, so we had to go to their other office out in Forney. 

Forney is like 30 minutes away. Thirty minutes that lasted forever...thirty minutes drive, plus waiting room time, plus a $15 copay to find out that she does not have an ear infection.  Sigh. At least we know she's just a rotten stinker. 

And then, I decided I could get myself home and drive for five minutes in the wrong direction with a crying baby before I realized we weren't headed home. So we turned around and she cried the entire 40 minute drive home. Just keeping it real for you, folks. 

On a positive note, Sydney kept my bigs home for me. I also have a rocking chair, so we can rock the night away...again.

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