Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Great Chicken Rustler Caper

In April we inherited two chickens. Pepper and Patty moved in and we were so excited. Fresh eggs and fascinating bird watching. Hyrum was especially excited. We told him they were a birthday present since they arrived on the day of his birthday party. A few days after they moved in, he took his camp chair out back and posted himself by the coop so he could "keep an eye on the chickens."

All was well until this morning. We woke up and saw that Patty (the larger, brown chicken) was out. How did that happen? And where was Pepper? She was nowhere to be found. Also concerning was that the coop had been opened significantly (this is not particularly easy to do). There were feathers scattered about the chicken run, mostly Patty's, and Patty looked a bit frazzled. It almost looked like she had been cornered and had put up a fight. 

Hyrum was quite sad to learn that Pepper was missing. He posted himself at the office window to see if she would appear out front. We drove him around the neighborhood before church so see if we could find her. No luck. 

He prayed that we would find her and if not, that we could buy a new chicken.

So, the question is... Who dunnit? Was it a coyote? A hungry homeless man? Or maybe an African porcupine? (That's a Hyrum theory. Gotta love him. ;) 

Whoever or whatever it was, we hope Pepper is happy. We hope they stay away from our coop in the future. We like our chickens, thank you!

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