Monday, June 22, 2015

Lake Roosevelt 2015

We just got back from 34 hours in a car and over a week spent in hot Arizona with some of the people we love most. 

Going to the lake with three little kids was an adventure and sometimes I wondered what we were thinking, but it was worth it. We loved watching our Hyrum go from not wanting to go past the shallow water to swimming where he couldn't touch to riding on the boat and finally tubing behind the boat! Lindi had a couple of days where she wasn't feeling well, but she was able to celebrate her second birthday! Plus we loved her rocking hat and shades! Ellie liked just chilling as best she could. Thank goodness for cooling rags. 

My brother proposed to Ashley. Loved hanging out with them! I guess we'll brave the drive again in six weeks so we can celebrate with them. So excited to have a new sister. 

My Grams and Papa celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with all of their family around them. They are a wonderful example of what marriage and family are supposed to be. So grateful that families can be together forever. 

Mostly I just couldn't get enough of these people. I loved laughing with them. I loved swimming in the water with my dad and getting nibbled by fish. I loved having a Grannie to hold my baby while I ate dinner. 

My back wasn't ready to slalom this year, but we got Tony up on skis. His first attempt was superb. We also enjoyed tubing, but don't have any pictures to prove it. 

And then it was time to drive home. Did I mention we loved having our new van!?

Back to real life and buying a new chicken and catching up on laundry etc. 

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