Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Little Moments in June

The month of June was filled with lots of little moments.  My kids are cute, so they make cute little moments.

I love dressing them up for church, even if Husband makes fun and says Lindi looks like she's been through a time machine.  So what if she got lots of hand-me-downs from when her aunts were her size.  I think she's adorable.

Park time with Grandma is always a favorite. Climbing. Running. Playing. Making new friends.

Grandma helped us plant our herb garden.  We've put it to good use, even if it doesn't magically ward off mosquitoes.  We've made spinach-basil pasta, peppermint water, peppermint fruit salad, and (for when the mosquitoes do kiss you) the peppermint leaves are an awesome itch-relief, just rub them on your bites!!

Lindi's been doing a lot of this...

...and this.

We learned how to make the very best paper airplanes in "The Dangerous Book for Boys."

Cotton Candy at the library "Beginning Summer" party.

Birthday shopping with Grandma.  Oh boy!  She's having too much fun.

More time at the library.  Not all libraries are created equal, but we love ours.  Story time is always fun.  We are regulars.  We check out books everyday, or every other day.

Some baseball action with the dad.


Playing in the rain.

Grandma finished our playhouse.  So fun!

Clowns at the library. (What did I tell you about our library? Awesome!)

Park time!

Swim lessons! Hyrum made good progress over the two weeks he was in swim lessons.  He is still terrified of water that is deeper than him because he feels like he doesn't have control, but he will kick his legs, scoop with his hands, go completely under, etc.  When he's in relatively shallow water, he's my little fish.

We walked to the Wet Zone multiple times a week.  It was a fun way to get some exercise, cool off, and stay busy.  Lindi fell asleep on the way home quite often.

Hangin' with Mark Twain at the library.

June was a month of settling into routine.  We are loving where we are, especially the proximity to fun places like the library and the Wet Zone.  Husband is loving his jobs.  I'm loving being home with the kids and pursuing different projects like family history.  Life is good. We are happy.

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