Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Little Miss Turns One!

**This post is dedicated to sweet Aunt Brookie who reported tonight that she checks the blog everyday and that I should post again.  We love you, Brooke! Can't wait to see you!**

Miss Lindi turned one in June.  It's amazing how quickly they grow.  Also amazing is how stinkin' cute she is.

She's also been very explicit that she is an independent woman and will do things on her own terms.  She'll walk when she's ready.  She'll teeth when she's ready.  She only does something if she want to.  She's going to teach her parents a thing or two.

Our party was pretty low key.  Presents wrapped in grocery ads.  Peach cobbler that she didn't want to try and watermelon that she didn't care for.  Dad loved the watermelon, though.  That's something we can always count on.

P.S. She got to go on a birthday shopping spree with Grandma Brown and boy howdy did she enjoy herself.  If this reflects the girl she will be when she is fourteen, oh brother!!

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