Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bikes and Ducks

One of the most common activities for the Browns is to load up a couple of bikes in Grandpa's truck and hit the road (or dirt).  We have a few favorite places to go: White Rock Lake, Breckinridge, sometime Audubon, and Rowlett Creek Preserves when we are feeling brave and we want to jump off road a little.  

Hyrum and Lindi are mostly game to tag along, especially if they get to feed the ducks or play at the park.  We have a bike trailer now, so that's always fun. 

"Feed my bread to the ducks?  I don't think so."

I've done a couple of trails at Rowlett Creek Preserves two times now.  It's become Grandma and I's "girls night out."  It's terrifying, exhilarating, and just plain fun. It's also a wicked workout.

I'm so grateful for in-laws that are active and love to run and play with us.  I'm glad for kids who put up with us and who seem to have a good time too.  Hopefully, Husband and I will be the grandparents that run and play and bike and swim with our grandkids.

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