Monday, August 11, 2014


One of the highlights of June was our trip to Idaho.  Tony had a BYU-Idaho online teachers conference and decided to take all of us along.  One of our goals for the trip was to add two new temples to our "visited list." So, we needed a babysitter.  That's where Aunt Sydney came along.  It was so fun to have her with us!

We had a late start to our trip, since we left after Tony worked the morning shift.  Add to that some delayed flights, and we were a tired bunch.

After crashing in the hotel, Tony got up early and left for his conference.  Sydney, the kids, and I went for a campus tour.  What a beautiful campus they have! Sydney fell in love!  I wouldn't be surprised if you see her there again in a couple of years.

After the official tour, we hung out on campus.  We explored a little, let the kids run free, and ate yummy food at the student center.

Speaking of which, the World Cup was happening.  Brazil was playing and at least half the student population was speaking Portuguese.  That place was packed.  There was hardly and empty seat within view of the big screen.  And when something exciting happened, like a goal, the whole place would shake as people cheered and stood up and waved flags, and had a good ol' time.

Rexburg became temple #19 for us.  We stopped by for pictures after the faculty banquet the first night and then attended an early morning session the next day.  I haven't mentioned how much Tony enjoyed being able to attend his conference.  He loved rubbing shoulders with the on-campus professors, giving them ideas on how to improve his course, learning from them, etc.  I'm so glad he went.

Aunt Sydney was also able to do some baptisms for Grandpa Shinkle's Aunts in Rexburg.  The kids and I tried to brave the wind as we hung out on temple grounds.

After the last little bit of the conference, we  rushed to the Idaho Falls temple and did a session in temple #20 before jumping on our airplane back home.

It was such a fun trip.  We packed so much in to those two days.  We made the most of every moment and had so much fun doing it.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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