Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Flu Bug

Husband caught the flu bug.  Not just the "I don't feel so good" flu bug, but the "I've missed three days of work and I'm still miserable" flu bug.   It's been no fun.

On Wednesday I was at the hospital and he text me telling me he was sick.  I told him to stay home from work, which he did.  What I didn't know what that Hyrum was being a ball of energy all day, running him ragged.  I could have guessed, I suppose, but I'm not that smart.  He sure was grateful when I got home.

So, Hyrum and I have been the best of buds this weekend.  We've been to the library, the doctor's office, the grocery store.  As much fun as I've been having with Hyrum, though, I am lonely for some adult interaction.  Husband doesn't like to talk much.  And even though Hyrum and I both got our flu shots, we're trying to keep our distance all the same.

Stupid flu bug.  Go away.

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