Thursday, February 14, 2013

Little Boy Love

I got lots of Little Boy love today.  I didn't have any school!  We used a free Redbox code to rent "Frankenweenie" and watched it with Dad before he left for work.  (We don't recommend the movie, especially not on Valentine's Day.)

After Dad left for work, we went for a walk and spent close to two hours at the park.  It was a beautiful day and we stayed as long as Hyrum wanted to.  While at the park there were a couple of other moms there with their kids.  They had a pink tablecloth on the picnic table and lots of snacks.  It made me think that I needed to stop being such a lame Mom.

So we went home and made sugar cookies.  Hyrum helped me cut them out and then frosted a couple of his own.  Don't judge us for not having a heart shaped cookie cutter.  At least we made pink frosting!  Surprisingly, he wasn't such a big fan of eating them.  One little lick of frosting (which he called ice cream) and he was done.

I love my boys.  Here are a few reasons why:

Hyrum:  His giggles.  How much he loves to be outside.  He's a great laundry helper.  He's a smartie.  He still gives me cuddles sometimes.  He loves to read stories.  He keeps me busy.  He has a cute face.  He's well behaved.  He's easy going.  He forgives me when I'm lame.

Husband:  He works hard.  He has aspiring goals.  He's my number one supporter.  He goes grocery shopping with me.  He lets me boss him around.  He is a handsome guy.  He holds the Priesthood worthily.  He strives for success.  He makes my bed because he knows how much I love a made bed.  He takes me on dates, even if it's doing Sudoku races after Hyrum goes to bed.  He shares his Red Cream Soda (that we have to buy in Utah) with me.  He forgives quickly.  He has good looking eye lashes.

I am one lucky Wifey/Momma.

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  1. I loved this! What a great way to spend valentines day, even if hubby had to work. P.s. if youre taking your kids to the park... You're a lot better of a mom than some people. So don't call yourself lame!


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