Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Schnepf Farms

Grandma and Grandpa Brown are in town for October break and we are just party party partyin'.  We're so glad they came.  We love them so much.  We love playing board games and laughing and eating.  Hyrum gets spoiled by Grandma, who takes him outside whenever his heart pleases him.  And that's a lot.

On Friday night we went out to Schnepf Farms.  We had never been before and were very impressed.

I think I made a great pig and Hyrum is the cutest cow I ever did see.

They had all sorts of little carnival rides and games.  Hyrum really liked the big slides.  The older folks watched a BMX stunt show while Hyrum and I rode the Bee ride.

They had a corn maze that we successfully got lost in.  Their corn puts ours to shame.

Hyrum wasn't too sure about the petting zoo.

Pumpkins were a big hit.

Grandma's favorite part of the whole night was giving Hyrum his first horse ride.  He had a good lookin' horse named Jack.  He did really well and even gave him a little pat.

Oh and I fell in love with these little face photo thing-a-ma-bobbers.  Hyrum is just the cutest thing if I might say so myself.

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