Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just a few things...

Just a few things that have been going on around here:

  1. We took a little miniature trip to Disneyland.  Dad, Keila, Keila's friend, Husband, and I drove out Friday night, played all day Saturday, and drove home Sunday.  Hyrum stayed at Grannie's house and got lots of lovin' from his aunts and uncles.  Husband's favorite part of the trip was when he left the park and went to Freebirds.  He brought some back for everyone.  It was delicious.
  2. We ate hot dogs on Fast Sunday.  Usually Fast Sunday is the day you make roast and potatoes and salad and jello and as many yummy things as you can think of because you're just so darn hungry, but this Sunday it was "What's the fastest thing we can make?"  So Hyrum and Husband made chili cheese dogs and I loaded mine with mayonnaise  ketchup, relish, and potato chips.  And let me tell ya...they were delicious.
  3. Husband is going to work 40 hour weeks at the airport over the next two weeks.  We're real excited about that.  It'll be good for our budget.  It'll make him that much closer to qualifying for a lead position.
  4. I finished my pediatric clinical rotation.  I have one more test and one more day in the lab until I switch to OB.  I'm real excited about that rotation too.  I'm looking into finding a job in the NICU.  This includes volunteering at Phoenix Children's Hospital, getting to know some NICU nurses in the valley, and pestering the NICU managers to see if I can wiggle my way into their department.
  5. Husband has noticed an increasing number of construction jobs lately.  He's been applying and has also had some friends recommend him to some companies.  We're glad for the TSA (so much better than Home Depot in so many ways), but we're excited to see where life is headed.  The Morgans come home next summer, so figuring out where we need to be is on our minds a lot.
  6. Hyrum likes dirt.  A lot.  Also related to the dirt is our garden.  Our corn is doing great!  Everything else...not so much.  The most we've seen are a few pea sprouts that got dug up and chewed on by some kind of animal.  We're sad.

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