Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fruit in a Blender

After lunch today, Husband decided he was going to bust out the root beer floats.  "It was his free day" for week one of the 8 week challenge.  Oh how I wanted today to be my free day too!  Unfortunately, the massive migraine that kicked in on Thursday afternoon resulted in a woefully miserable day as far as the challenge goes.  I resigned, knowing that it had to be my cheat day by default...

Needless to say, all day I was craving root beer floats, cookies, caramel apples, chocolate bars...

I was about to give in,

But then I threw a bunch of fruit in the blender and made myself a smoothie.

It was yummy.  It satisfied that insatiable sweet tooth.

I proudly announced to Husband, "It's not even too tart for you!"

I was surprised when he puckered up with the first bite.  "If that's not tart, I'd hate to taste what is!"

It wasn't tart.

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  1. I'm with Tony on the "tart" part. i'm definitely not a fruit eater. i've been trying a "fruit smoothie" cleanser that my friend has sworn will cleanse the toxins from my body and help me get pregnant. ... i had 1/2 of one smoothie and i'm DONE. bleeek!


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