Monday, December 19, 2011

D-1 and ONLY

I'm done with Junior 1!  I survived!  I made it!  I got my first B and I was okay with that!  I learned how to give shots, how to do cardiac, lung, neuro...the list goes on...assessments.  I learned how to talk to patients.  I learned a lot.  I'm so glad I chose nursing, too.  I really enjoy it.

I was in D-1 this semester and couldn't have asked for a better group.  We had so much fun together.  I'm going to miss those girls, especially my best friend, Lindsay.   Ruth, too!  "Put your big girl panties on and deal with it!"  I wish we could all go through nursing school together.  Why do they feel like they have to split us all up?


Well, Junior 1 is over and Junior 2 is fast on it's way!  I go back January 5th, so I'm taking advantage of every moment I have off.  I'm getting really nervous for next semester because it's supposed to be much more time consuming.  Time is the last thing I have.  Does anyone want to give me some time for Christmas?  If I thought going to school with a 4 month old was bad, I think I'm only asking for it.  Nap time was homework Little Boy is taking fewer naps and getting into more trouble.  What will I do??  Hang on tight I guess...and say a few prayers.

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