Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Mail

Last night Husband, Little Boy, and I went on a little walk to check the mail together.  I got so excited when I saw the little envelope that wasn't a bill, an offer to save on cable, or grocery ads.  I was so excited to see that cute little Christmas ornament stamp!  Hooray!  A Christmas card!  I love Christmas cards. 

As we walked back to the apartment I ripped open the envelope because I was so anxious to see who it was from.  I wanted to know who's smiling faces were plastered on the cute little card, wishing me a Merry Christmas!  Much to my surprise, I didn't find any smiling faces.  What I found was much more special...
Merry Christmas!
We are a family in your ward who wishes to remain anonymous.  We feel spiritual promptings to give to your family this year.  Please use this money however you see fit.  We hope your Christmas is a memorable one.  May the Lord bless your family!
                                                                              We love you,
                                                                               A ward friend

The Spirit touched my heart as I read this note and held the $60 in my hand.  We needed that money.  We've done the best we know how and still have so little.  I know that the Spirit can prompt us to know who we should serve.  We don't have money to give this year, but because of this note, we want to pray for inspiration of whom to serve.  It may be something simple such as just going by to say hello or delivering a plate of cookies, but I want to do something.  And then, sometime in the future, when things aren't so tight, I want to be the one who gives the $60 in the mail.

Thank you.  To the ward friend who cares for us, thank you.  Thank you for the money.  More importantly, thank you for your example.

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