Sunday, December 11, 2011

Crazy Pregnant Lady

I had a silly memory today as Hyrum and I were walking laps around the apartment complex.  I used to do that a lifetime ago when he was just a little Brownie in the oven.  Tony and I walked and walked and walked and walked so that I wouldn't get fat, at least fatter than a pregnant lady should, and so that Baby Brown would come as quickly as possible.

Anyways, there was one day so very long ago when I was huge and Tony was at work and I wanted to be done being pregnant and so I started walking laps.  A little more than halfway around, there was a guy parked in his truck.  It was running.  No big deal.  On the second lap, I realized he was still there and I felt like an absolute idiot.  He was probably thinking, "What is that crazy woman doing walking in circles?"  I tried not to look at him as I speed-walked my way past.

Third lap...

He is still sitting there in his truck, with the engine running, and I am the loony bird pregnant lady walking in circles.  Who does that?

It took me all day--all day of thinking this guy thought I was crazy and was going to tell everyone he knew that I was a crazy pregnant lady who walked in circles--to realize that HE was the crazy one!  Who sits in their truck with the engine running?  for 3 miles worth of the crazy pregnant lady's walking?  And I thought I was crazy...

Fun memory.  Happy Sunday!

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