Friday, December 16, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Have I mentioned how much I love Husband?  It's a lot.  I love how much we laugh together.

Yesterday he came home from seminary and said, "I have a prize for you!"  He had four chocolate chip cookies that one of his seminary students had given him.  Boy howdy!  They were delicious, too!  I ate the first one and then the second one and then the third one.  I was in heaven

Let me just explain to you what my brain was thinking:

I am so glad Husband does not like chocolate or chocolate chip cookies.  I am so grateful for that sweet seminary student who did not know this.  These cookies are so stinkin' good.  I think I will eat another one.

And so I grabbed the fourth cookie.  I took a big bite and then said to Husband, "You didn't want any, right?"  Why would he?  He doesn't like chocolate chip cookies.  Still, I thought I would be considerate and ask...



Yes what?

Yes you want a cookie?

Wait!  I wasn't ready to be done!  And so I took another bite of the cookie and handed him the half that remained.  [This is where he called me a brat.]  He took that half of a chocolate cookie which he wasn't supposed to want and went to the kitchen and poured a glass of milk, which I took a drink of.  [This is where he called me a brat...again.]  And we both laughed.

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