Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why I Blog

Someone once told me that Facebook becomes a thing of the past and blogging takes over once you're married.  I can't say that they lied.  I've become addicted to blogging in the year and a half that we've had this blog and my Facebook activity has dwindled.  As I was pondering this astonishing phenomenon of the universe this afternoon, I came up with a list of reasons I love blogging.

1.  Blogging is an outlet of emotion.  You can share frustrations, joys, sorrows, monotony, etc. and [somehow] it makes you feel better.
2.  Blogging allows you to be creative.  Take for example our 64 Things We're Thankful For post.  Not only was it fun to write, but text size, bold, italics, underline help make each post a little different and a little bit of fun.
3.  Blogging lets you see the creativity of others.  Take for example, the creative genius of Melanie or Katelin.  They inspire me.
4.  Blogging helps you build friendships.  I have a good friend named Michelle [note: her blog is private, so following this link may not be worth your time].  Funny thing is, I've never met Michelle.  (Her husband was one of Tony's  groomsman who helped demolish my car on our wedding night.)  Back to my point...I've never met her but I consider her a friend--all because we follow each others' blogs.
5.  Blogging lets me share what I believe.  I'm a Mormon and I love it!
6.  Blogging provides a source of entertainment.  This entertainment is more than just reading what others have to say.  I enjoy discovering all the ways people find us on search engines.  Take these key word searches for example... "efy nauvoo married blogspot" or "lubbock ice cream dipping cart requirements" (What the?!)
7.  Blogging is the source of our world famousness.  We constantly have readers from Russia, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, China, and Luxembourg.  (Note: If you're an international reader [and you speak English], please feel free to let us know why you read our blog.)

Why do you blog?

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  1. I love that I inspire you! :) It's funny..because you both inspire me! One day I'll have what you both have..I am excited for that wonderful relationship and the happiness you share.

    I blog because it is a place that I can be 100% me and nobody can judge me for it. Now, I'm not this crazy self-concious care-about-what-others-think kind of girl..but it is nice to have a place that I have created that I can tell others, who care to read, pointless stories or random blurbs. Sure, facebook works for the same reason, but people who come to my blog come to read. They least enough to read..on purpose? I'm rambling. Also a good point to blogging....just sayin' :)


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