Saturday, March 12, 2011


Husband and I have discovered a new talent.  Freeloading.

We've always loved free stuff.  Free food.  Buy-one-get-one freeFree money (aka: gift cards).  Free anything [as long as you read the fine print and it really is free].  However, we were not aware of what talented freeloaders we were until last Tuesday.  Let me explain...

We woke up at 4:30am so that I could get to work by 6am.  [Waking up at 4:30am means eating breakfast at approximately 5am.]  I worked from 6am to 11:45am and had only water and a string cheese.  When I got back from work all I had time to do was change my clothes, grab Husband, and run out the door in order to get to the doctor for my ultrasound and non-stress test (NST). [To be discussed at a later time.]  Needless to say, when we were finished at the doctor's office [around 1:15pm] I was STARVING.  Hooray that Sonic is just around the corner and we have a coupon for a buy-one-get-one free 6 inch hot dog.  Husband very much enjoyed his chili cheese coney and I wished I could eat a dozen more of their new Chicago dogs...they were that good.  However, we live by a strict budget and didn't want to blow it all in one day, so we resisted any and all temptations and left, spending only $2.17.

"Lame!" you might say.  Oh.  Just wait.

When we got home I was seriously craving me some more Sonic.  So, I went online to enter the code I got with my hot dog.  What if I was an instant winner?!  Then we could go down to Sonic and get a free hot dog combo, cherry limeade and all!
I was not an awesome instant winner.  I did sign up for their emails, though.  And guess what?  It's my birthday month so I got a coupon for a free regular cream slush.  And so we walked 1.5miles to the Sonic down the street.  Me with my free regular cream slush coupon and Husband with his free corn dog coupon that we found in the grocery ads that come in the mail every week.

And so, there we sat--me enjoying my free strawberry cream slush and Husband enjoying his free corn dog-- when here comes the Sonic girl... "Would you like a free Butterfinger blast?"  Why, yes.  Yes, we would.

And so, my dear friends, Husband and I enjoyed two 6 inch hot dogs, a corn dog, a cream slush, and a Butterfinger blast for $2.17 that day.  Plus, we enjoyed some free junk food calories since we walked 3 miles round trip for our second Sonic trip, and therefore we did not feel guilty eating all of that delicious Sonic.

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