Tuesday, February 9, 2010

64 Things We're Thankful For

"It frustrates me that..."

"I hate how..."

"I wish..."

We've been married 5 weeks and 2 days and life couldn't be greater. Why are we complaining?! Well...as much as I hate to admit it, Tony and I threw ourselves a pity party yesterday. As we made dinner and ate we took turns venting our frustrations and expressing those things we wish were different. It was a good day for a pity party. Do you know why? It's because Monday night is Family Home Evening night! So, after we cleaned up dinner our itty bitty family sat down in our itty bitty family room for FHE #6. We sang Hymn #4 "Truth Eternal" and had an opening prayer and then had a most wonderful lesson on faith. As we discussed our faith in our Heavenly Father, faith that he would bless us with those things that we need I realized the mistake we had made. We had so much to be thankful for and we were throwing a pity party! How could we expect the Lord to bless us with more when we weren't thanking Him for what He had already blessed us with. So we made a list of...

64 Things We're Thankful For!
1. Our Apartment 2. The Kitchen 3. What comes out of The Kitchen 4. The TEMPLE 5. Having been able to see 4 TEMPLES together (Nauvoo, Mesa, Dallas, and San Antonio) 6. Not passing out in the sealing room last week 7. Scholarships 8. Tony's dedication to find a job 9. Two college degrees 10. Our big, comfy BED 11. Free internet 12. Our FAMILIES 13. 100% FHE 14. Fun hikes 15. 50+ times through the Book of Mormon 16. Institute 17. EFY 18. Clothes 19. Upcoming Stake Softball 20. A friendly ward 21. A boatload of wedding presents and gift cards 22. Full bookshelves 23. P90X (even though it kicks my butt) 24. Making Cookies 25. Stuff on our walls 26. Teeth 27. Quiet apartment complex 28. A good-lookin' spouse 29. Goals 30. Vehicles 31. REALLY good credit 32. That we don't fight 33. Being organized 34. Chocolate Milk 35. Apple Pie 36. Macaroni & Cheese 37. Kisses 38. Jeans, T-shirts, and Tennis Shoes 39. Green Enchiladas 40. Not having to pay rent next month 41. Selling Tony's house 42. Not having to run the HVAC 43. A paid off TRUCK 44. LAME jokes that made us laugh 45. Fort Sam Houston 46. A husband who likes to eat leftovers 47. Going to bed early 48. Our awesome alarm clock 49. Cinnamon Rolls 50. Wedding pictures that turned out MARVELOUS 51. I LOVE lamp! 52. Not being addicted to EVIL Facebook 53. Furniture 54. Still being a teenager 55. NOT being a teenager 56. Grocery shopping only once a week 57. Aggie ring and wedding bands 58. Every time our bedroom door gets stuck it comes unstuck 59. Fresh haircut 60. Fresh shave 61. Patriarchal Blessings 62. Prayer & Scripture Study 63. Simply Orange Juice 64. Our list of 64 Things We're Thankful For!


  1. that's cute! You guys sound like you are just having the time of your lives..and I'm sure you are :) I definitely don't take enough time to be grateful for the things I DO have..I may just do this on my own blog..

  2. Sorry, but I'm pretty sure Tony IS addicted to facebook ;)


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