Friday, November 20, 2009

Wedding Giving

Of course we want wedding gifts (and two links to our registries are on the right).  But we are more interested in wedding giving.  Education is the key to so many opportunities.  But far too many have limited access to education. Even the Book of Mormon describes this problem:
And the people began to be distinguished by ranks, according to their riches and their chances for learning; yea, some were ignorant because of their poverty, and others did receive great learning because of their riches. 3 Nephi 6:12
One of the great victories of the modern age is the wide availability of education.  The developing world hasn't reached that goal yet.  So in order to do our part to promote world education, we invite you to donate to the Perpetual Education Fund.  What is it?  Look here to find out.  In short, it provides scholarships to talented individuals worldwide.  And the fund is administered with exactly zero overhead.

Click this link: Donate to PEF to (surprise) donate to the PEF.  And we would like to know about your donations so we can express gratitude for your generosity.  You can decide if we will see the gift amount.

To notify us, click the box that says "Yes, this is an honor or memorial gift."  And don't kill us.  This is in honor, not in memory of us.  Notify Tony and Jeri Lin Brown.  If you received a wedding announcement, use the address printed on the back of the envelope.  If you need the address, contact us and we can provide it.

Thanks, so much!

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