Thursday, November 5, 2009

Family Mission Statement

I have heard Steven R. Covey speak several times over the years about having a family mission statement.  Admittedly, I liked what he said but didn't do much about it.  Jeri Lin is reading a book and it suggested the mission statement.  Naturally, now something got done.

So we brainstormed for an hour and a half and talked about what we want to accomplish over the course of our marriage.  After rereading all our notes we found the ideas we like the most, arranged them into a logical order and came up with what I think is a fantastic family mission statement:
We will go to the temple often so we can maintain an eternal perspective and see the best in each other.  We will strive to always be in tune with the Spirit so we can creatively face any challenge.  We will spend time as a family and pursue a healthy, active lifestyle.  Thus, we will all arrive together next year in Zion.
It may seem odd to say that revelation can come from a brainstorming session, but I am convinced that some of our best inspiration will come in just that way.

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