Monday, November 9, 2009


Of course we had to take these cheesy pictures when we got engaged...officially.

Tony flew in on a Friday night. I picked him up at the airport. He was starving but he wanted to stop by the temple before we grabbed a bite to eat...hmmm...I wonder what he's got up his sleeve... He joked that I knew what it was coming, sothe only element of suprise he had was that he had picked out the ring so I didn't know what it looked like. He sat me down outside the Mesa temple, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him...officially. And then we went to dinner at On the Border. Tony was happy. :)

These pictures are on the couch in my parents' front room. No, we didn't take any pictures at the temple, but I think the pictures are appropriate since that's where we were sitting when he asked me to marry him unofficially.

My mom also took a few pictures before we went to church on Sunday. I miss having him here with me. Two more weeks...

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