Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bryton, don't look at this blog post. It'll make you queasy.

Moms do crazy things. They wake up at 4am to feed babies. After they put the baby back down they really want to go to sleep, but they get up when the two year old calls for them. They take the two year old potty. The lay down by the two year old. The two year old needs water, so the mom grumbles a bit and goes to get water. 

This is when bad things happen. The mom is just trying to be a good mom, but she's also trying to go back to sleep. So, she doesn't turn on any lights. To turn on lights risks the waking of the entire house. To leave the lights off risks the chance of kicking the kitchen chair that didn't get tucked in just right. 

This is when the mom again proves she is crazy. Because even though she almost passes out from the pain, the pain is soon triumphed by her anger. Anger because this mom has a million things to do this morning and urgent care wasn't supposed to be on the list. 

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