Monday, December 8, 2014

Turner Falls and Ardmore Wilderness

All the way back in September, we went on an adventure to Oklahoma with Grandma Brown.  It originally started as a plan to visit Turner Falls.  Turner Falls has swimming holes, hiking trails, and caves.  Plans changed when we arrived and it was raining!  We stopped for lunch and then decided to stop at Arbuckle Wilderness, a drive thru zoo.  It was so fun to have the animals drive right up to the car!  Hyrum thought it was super neat to throw food to them.

 The burros were my favorite.

 The emus and ostriches were a little intimidating.  
We only opened the windows a crack when they came around.

 Hyrum still talks about the zoo in Oklahoma.  He would go back anytime!

By the time we were done at the zoo, the rain had cleared up so we headed over to Turner Falls.  We started off with a little hike.

Husband and I were adventurous and climbed up into one of the caves.  It was cool until I looked to one side and saw that the entire wall was covered in long-legged spiders.  It looked like the entire wall was pulsing as they moved!  Eek!  I backed up real quick until Husband saved me from the wall behind me that was exactly the same!  Blech!!!!

This is the largest waterfall in Oklahoma (77 feet).  It was pretty, but the swimming hole there did not look appetizing.  We found another area where the water seemed to be flowing a little faster.  It was sallow enough in most places for the kids to walk around and explore the freezing water.  Dad and I enjoyed the slides down the way where the water was deeper.  They were speedy slides with quite a drop at the end.

The best part was having the whole place to ourselves, thanks to the rain!

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