Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Little Moments in October

I'm not very good at catching the day to day excitement (or lack thereof) at the Brown house, but here are a few highlights from the month of October.

Hyrum has a love for selfies.

 Grams and Papa sent Hyrum Ring Pops in the mail.  Talk about love.

Hanging with all THREE of my kids! (Baby #3 arriving May 1, 2015) 

 Using the Baptist Church parking lot for bike riding practice every morning.  Thanks!

 Awesome Mohawks

"Quiet Times" that end like this...

Loving my kids, even when they try my patience.  Trying to find ways to stay busy and happy as the temperatures go down...and down...and down.  Loving Texas, even if we miss friends and family in Arizona.  We are definitely in the right place.  Having a husband who loves his job makes all the difference.

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