Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Straight up

On our most recent hike, we got a little adventurous.  I saw the top of a hill and decided we should hike to the top so that we could say we did.  Little did I realize from down below was how steep that "hill" was at the top...

Hyrum's not exactly excited to take a picture because of how windy it was, but can you see Tony and Lindi there at the top?  That gives you a little idea of how steep it was.  Hyrum hiked until he couldn't anymore.  Then I carried him.  When my legs were about to give out, Tony carried him and Lindi.  Then when he couldn't do that any longer, I carried Hyrum again.  Near the top, it was so steep that I couldn't carry him.  He climbed the rest of the way with my hand on his bottom, letting him know I wouldn't let him fall.  Like I said, adventurous.  Luckily, we found another way down.

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