Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Break - Gilbert Temple

Guess what?  My sister thinks I'm special enough to take her to do baptisms at the temple.  And since she was able to participate in the cultural celebration (in the pouring rain), the Gilbert temple has become her temple.  She sacrificed and dedicated for that special building.  It holds a special place in her heart.  So, spring break rolled around and she asked if I would take her and a friend to do baptisms.  Of course!  

We probably could have guessed, but were still amazed when we arrived at the temple and they told us it would be about two hours until we would start doing baptisms.  They were swamped.  The chapel was full of youth in white.  They were doing laundry as fast as they could and still didn't have enough.  The youth had decided there was no better place to be then the temple that day (and week).

So, we waited.  And it was worth it.  The family members we were baptized for had been waiting a lot longer than us.  It is always such a blessing to do temple work for those that have gone before us.

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